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    Simplistic design that says a lot about you.
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    Before you look for peace outside, try to find peace inside.
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    A peg is an informal unit of measurement of alcoholic spirits. Measures 1 to 2 fluid ounces (30-60 ml). In some jurisdictions the "peg" is a standardized measure. 1 unit of peg = 30ml whiskey = 100 ml wine = 250 ml beer. So now you know how much a peg is but actually it doesn’t matter, just keep the tab rolling and gobble down.
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    Mukhtiar Chadha movie Official Merchandise T-shirt, Tussi Easy Ho Jao. This t-shirt is for fans of Muktiar Chadha movie and fans of Dilji Dosanjh. We take lot of tension in our life and it increases load on our head. Which in turn increases makes us difficult people. Why to do that? Just be easy going. Whenever someone comes with a problem, don't ask them...
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    We hear this a lot 'Mera sab kuch imported hai, from hat to heels'. We love foreign things including. We not only appreciate them but aspire for it and will empty our wallets Just fyi ladies and gentlemen, you can make opposite sex notice you with phoren things but all they need is a heart of gold - pura Hindustani to fall in love with!
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    Some people are not bound to live a life in chains, they are free spirits. This design is dedicated to wanderers, travellers, backpackers, people who live their life on move. Awaara slogan design on tshirt is perfect fit for one who enjoy the gypsy style of living. This is a great time be Aawara, one who is carefree. Are you Aawara? 
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    Yeh ekk sambandh hai, jo do log milke create karte hai aur kabhi kabhi aas paas ki public bhi help karti hai. Waise yeh sambandh toh long long time ago se hai, being biological everyone does it, even animals do it. Aur yeh mana jaata hai ki yeh sambandh ke baad people generally hit the bed for sleep. Dimag aabhi bhi galat track pe hai. Yawn = Ubaasi
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    Let’s get down to basics. We are primarily vegetarian as per the evolution of our dental structure. We have lost major cutters in our adaptation. And in favour of nature, being Vegetarian helps reduce the per capita requirement of resources for food to a great extent. So here is to all the veggies…btw while we are saying all this, hope you know what...
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    We have all been living our life in the ordinary but our ideas and actions crave to jump out of it. Success is just one aspect of doing things, the overall experience is the real earning. Let go of ordinary, if you are going to do something then make sure it is extraordinary. Do EPIC SHIT!

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