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    A peg is an informal unit of measurement of alcoholic spirits. Measures 1 to 2 fluid ounces (30-60 ml). In some jurisdictions the "peg" is a standardized measure. 1 unit of peg = 30ml whiskey = 100 ml wine = 250 ml beer. So now you know how much a peg is but actually it doesn’t matter, just keep the tab rolling and gobble down.
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    We hear this a lot 'Mera sab kuch imported hai, from hat to heels'. We love foreign things including. We not only appreciate them but aspire for it and will empty our wallets Just fyi ladies and gentlemen, you can make opposite sex notice you with phoren things but all they need is a heart of gold - pura Hindustani to fall in love with!
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    You sweat it out, day in and day out. You keep pushing your limits everyday. This t-shirt is for you guys, people who love to challenge themselves. Buy online this round neck cotton men gym tshirt and wear it to gym. It will not only motivate you but will also inspire others around you. Have fun, listing those dumbbells and flexing those muscles.
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    Yaar aisa hai ki aaj kal jidhar dekho udhar stress hi stress hai. Kaam ka, Girlfriend ka, padhai ka, Biwi ka, bacche ka yaar list toh no never ending hai...tenu koi idea hai ki relaxing bhi kitna zarrori honda hai? Toh aap kyu itna stress paal rahe ho..take a break ji and wear this Tee phir dekho life ekdum U turn hai ji.
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    "Never underestimate the power of a CommonMan". A Common man is more powerful than any super hero. You think you have a super power then here is perfect T-shirt for you.
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    Ladies and Gentlemen, we all love speaking but some of us have power of speech which is uncommon, super power of sarcasm...use it with responsibility!
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    In Line With Our Previous Modern India Depiction We Bring You Urban Turban. And With It We Bring You The Need For Our Indigenous Species To Accessorize Himself. And The Traditional Turban Just Isn'T Enough Anymore. Well, Nothings Enough Till The Time We Have Some Imported Samaan On Us. Damn. We Forgot The Orange Pants And The Lady Gaga Songs On His Ipod.
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    Jugaad, the national procedure of India to get things done. It should be listed, SOP - Standard Operating Procedure. If you never ever used Jugaad in your life then you haven't really got things done. But if you have then you know the value of Jugaad. 

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